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Please excuse the mess!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

It had been so long since I last updated my website with a new release, that I forgot how and in my bumbled attempts, somehow blew it up. I guess that was a sign that it was time for a refresh. Bear with my while I learn the ropes on this new platform. As soon as I get it wrangled into submission, I'll be starting on the next Faderville novel. I have so many of those planned.

Meanwhile, here's an adorable dog picture for you.


1 Comment

When will you do a sequel to bumps adventures with Sam? I read all 3. I'm sure you'll do a 4th. Faderville got a little old after so many novels. Good stories just old characters. I dont like the books with separate character chapters, ie the girl who wrecked her van, etc (forget titles). It blends best when chapters mix characters with story. Imo. Thanks though. I enjoy your stories very much as long as the dogs are in them. I'm an avid dog lover. I have a border collie/lab mix who reads my mind. She can bore a hole in you until u get her message. She's so funny. God bless you.

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