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The Faderville Novels

Say No More

A dog’s love is forever…

After five-year old Hunter McHugh witnesses the farming accident that takes the life of his father, Cam, he stops talking — to everyone except his dog, Halo.

Halo is no ordinary dog. If only she could tell Hunter that death doesn’t mean an end to being around the ones we love, maybe she could help him find his voice again. Unfortunately, she may never have the chance.

Parted from the only family she has ever known, Halo must find her way home. The problem is she doesn’t know where home is anymore.


Say That Again

A little girl’s love. A dog’s courage.

Echo’s life hasn’t been easy so far. Mistreated by one owner after another, he’d rather just learn to get by on his own. Still, he longs for his ‘forever home’. Not until he meets young Hannah McHugh does he learn to trust again. Hannah not only understands him ― she hears him.

Before the accident, Hannah already knew she was different from other kids. Now, animals are speaking to her ― and no one believes her. Her sister calls her a liar. The kids at school make fun of her. Her teacher labels her as imaginative. And the psychologist hints that she’s troubled. Even her own father, Hunter, tells her she should keep it to herself. Only with her dog Echo, an Australian Shepherd, at her side does she feel truly safe and accepted.

Then, the reclusive Heck Menendez moves in next door. The last thing he wants is a little kid and her dog hanging around. Yet Heck is the only one her family can rely on to keep an eye on her.

When Hannah and Echo disappear, rumors run wild about old Heck. Hunter wants to trust his gut, but time is ticking away.


Say Something

Love — especially a dog’s love — can change a person.

Beam Larson is a runaway. Buzz Donovan is a drifter. They have nothing in common. But a dog’s loyalty will forever bond them. A story about learning to forgive when you can’t forget and finding love in unexpected places.

Not yet sixteen, Bellamy Larson — or Beam, as she’d rather be called — remembers everything. Truthfully, there’s a lot she’d just rather forget. Beam never knew her father and doesn’t ever want to. Her little brother died while saving her. And her mother self-medicates, leaving Beam to fend for herself. She doesn’t need friends. She just needs to get away.

Buzz Donovan is on a journey across America. Luckily for him, he has a friend — a dog named Hush. It’s because of Hush, though, that Buzz is homeless. But that’s his choice, because if it weren’t for Hush, he’d be dead.

When Beam almost hits Buzz with her truck, her world is turned upside down. She doesn’t trust dogs, and for good reason — she’s been mauled by one.


Say When

A second chance at life—and love.

Sooner isn’t the perfect dog, but she’s finally found the perfect home with owner Brandy Anders—until one tragic day when life goes from hopeful to hopeless.

Grayson Darling has never believed in fate; he’s just down on his luck for now. Recently divorced, downsized, and soon to be without a home, his move to Faderville is supposed to be temporary. All he has to do is sell his uncle’s farm, then he can return to success and civilization in New York City.

The farm he inherited, however, comes with unforeseen responsibilities. When his ex announces her engagement and the job he’d hoped for falls through, Grayson figures his luck has completely run out. He can’t deal with life anymore.

Then, fate intervenes in the form of a dog. Sooner only needs a foster home while her owner recovers, so it’s not a long-term commitment anyway. But the dog turns out to be more of a challenge than Grayson bargained for…


Say You Will

Everyone has a story. Even the dog.

Shadowed by a stray he names Fantasma, five-year-old Mateo Sandoval flees the poverty and crime of his homeland with his mother in search of the American dream. Shortly after arriving at his grandmother’s house in Kentucky, however, his mother unexpectedly abandons them. For years, Mateo struggles to fit in—until he discovers running.

When the high school cross country coach dies unexpectedly, Grayson Darling steps in to fill the void. For Mateo, however, the gravelly voice that inspired him is gone and the threat of deportation is all too real.

It’s not until Grayson loans him his dog, Sooner, that Mateo’s love of running returns. Meanwhile, Mateo discovers that the bully who taunts him daily is not as tough as he seems.

During the day, Sooner accompanies Grayson’s girlfriend, Brandy Anders, to her new job as an assistant to small-town lawyer, Rex Franzen. With Sooner’s help, Brandy finds new purpose.

Say You Will is about how we're often more alike than we're different and how our differences can be our strengths.

Ebook - Something You Said 04.jpg

Something You Said

The past is never past.

At the age of four, Rowan Weston survived the car wreck that took her father’s life. She won’t remember the man who rescued her, but his dog will remember her. Even a decade later. Rowan’s troubles, however, began before she was even born—in her grandmother’s past…

While hiking with his wife, Mick Kinney hears a voice and can’t shake the feeling his dog, Punch, knows something he doesn’t. Days later, he and Punch return to rescue Rowan, only to discover she’s being handed over to a grandmother whose harsh words make even strangers cower. As the years go by, Mick can’t help but wonder what became of the little girl he saved, but he has troubles of his own to deal with—a dead-end career and a crumbling marriage.

Tasked with the care of a grandfather who can barely speak, now fourteen-year-old Rowan dreams of becoming an actress. When tragedy hits and she’s once again uprooted, an unexpected encounter could change everything—or nothing at all.

Then, a natural disaster strikes. Rowan is trapped… and this time only the dog can save her.

Something You Said is a heartwarming story of courage and redemption and how burying secrets doesn’t protect us from our past—it only prolongs the pain, sometimes for generations.

The Sam and Bump Misadventures

M&M Ebook Cover_1000x1500px.jpg

Memories and Matchsticks
Book 1

There’s an arsonist on the loose in rural Wilton, Indiana — and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep from being found out. Even murder.

Out of work, accident prone, and dateless, Sam McNamee packs up her belongings and her daughter to move to the Florida Keys, where she can pen love stories as S.A. Mack to ease the lingering pain of her husband’s death. First, though, she has to help her dad sell his home of forty-plus years. It just might be the hardest job she’s ever tackled. He’s a hoarder; she’s a neat freak.

The night she returns to Wilton, Sam plows into a mangy mutt on a rain-slicked country road. Bump, the dog she rescues, has a history that drags Sam and her family into a web of danger, making her father a prime suspect.

Feuds and secrets run deep in Humboldt County.  Sam can’t leave until the arsonist is uncovered. Not that she’d want to anymore, since veterinarian Clint Chastain has stolen her heart.

L&L Ebook Cover_1800x2700px.jpg

Lies and Letters
Book 2

There’s a drug lord corrupting the youth of sleepy Wilton, Indiana — and he’ll get rid of anyone who stands in his way, including an innocent witness. Even a drug-sniffing dog.

When Sam McNamee decided to chuck her dreams of living in the Florida Keys and instead settled in rural Indiana to raise her daughter and look after her aging father, she didn’t expect to be caught up in the middle of a drug ring investigation. But someone has it out for her. Or to be more precise, her dog, Bump. And they’ll stop at nothing to run her out of town — including framing her daughter.

All Sam wants is to give her relationship with veterinarian Clint Chastain a chance. But matters get complicated when Clint’s ex — sexy humanitarian Dr. Danielle Townsley — invades Sam’s territory. Clint keeps reassuring Sam that she’s the one he wants, but his actions leave room for doubt. Meanwhile, firefighter Archer Malone is the one constant in Sam’s roller coaster life. And he’s looking better all the time.

Then, Bump disappears — and the one person who could help her find him is the same one she’s trying to avoid.

T&T Ebook Cover_1800x2700_300dpi.jpg

Threats and Threads
Book 3

There’s a serial killer in the neighborhood and Sam is being stalked. When she turns to her former boyfriend, Clint Chastain, an innocent encounter turns into a case of extortion.

Three months ago, sweet little Miley Harper was found suffocated by her own pillow. When reclusive neighbor Grace Hazelton turns up dead from carbon monoxide poisoning, Sam McNamee suspects a serial killer is at large in her neighborhood.

Then Sam starts getting fan mail from a reader that quickly turns threatening. Someone has figured out her secret identity. The only way to find out who is to infiltrate the ranks of the local book club.

When Sam gets the chance of a lifetime and needs a dogsitter for Bump, her former fling Clint Chastain volunteers. If things with Clint were complicated before they broke up, they’re doubly so now; his ex-wife has baby plans and he’s the most likely baby-daddy.

Then Bump disappears. And Sam is apparently next on the killer’s list. This time, though, if she’s going to survive, she’ll have to save herself.

The Bruce Trilogy


The Crown in the Heather
Book I

Love and loyalty. Betrayal and murder. What is the cost of a crown?

In 1290, Scotland is without a king. Two families - the Bruces and the Balliols - vie for the throne.

Robert the Bruce is in love with Elizabeth de Burgh, the daughter of an adherent of the ruthless Longshanks, King of England. In order to marry her and not give up his chances of someday becoming King of Scots, Robert must abandon his rebel ways and bide his time as Longshanks' vassal.

But Edward, Longshanks' heir, doesn't trust the opportunistic Scotsman and vows to one day destroy him. While quietly plotting his rebellion, Robert is betrayed by one of his own and must flee Longshanks' vengeance. Aided by the unlikely brilliance of the soft-spoken young nobleman, James Douglas, Robert battles for his throne.

Victory, though, is never certain and Robert soon learns that keeping his crown may mean giving up that which he loves most-his beloved Elizabeth.


Worth Dying For
Book II

One day. One battle. Bannockburn, 1314.

The rise of Robert the Bruce. The vengefulness of James Douglas. And the ruin of Edward II.

Robert the Bruce has known nothing but hardship since seizing Scotland’s crown. Parted from his wife and daughter and forced to flee through the Highland wilderness, he struggles to unite a kingdom divided by centuries old blood feuds. The price, however, must be paid in lives and honor.

Falling to temptation, Robert’s only means of redemption―and to one day win his wife Elizabeth back―is to forgive those who have wronged him. One by one, Robert must win back Scotland’s clans and castles. The one man who can help him purge the land of English tyranny is the cunning young nobleman, James ‘the Black’ Douglas, who seeks vengeance on those who took both his inheritance and his father’s life.

With the death of Longshanks, Edward II ascends to the throne of England. His first act as king is to recall the banished Piers Gaveston. Too soon, Edward learns that he cannot protect the one he loves most and still preserve his own life and crown. To those who demand the ultimate sacrifice, he must relinquish all power. To have his revenge, he must do what his father never believed him capable of―defeat Robert the Bruce on the field of battle.


The Honor Due a King
Book III

In the dawn of a kingdom, loyalties and lies collide.

The truth will change England and Scotland forever.

In the triumphant aftermath of Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce faces unfamiliar battles. His wife Elizabeth, held captive in England for eight long years, has finally returned home to Scotland. With his marriage in ruin and hopes for an heir quickly fading, Robert vows to fulfill an oath from long ago—one which will not only bind his daughter to a man she does not love, but challenge the honor of his most trusted knight, James Douglas.

While Ireland falls to the Scots, King Edward II of England must contend with quarrelsome barons. Hugh Despenser is the one man who can give him both the loyalty and love he so desperately craves. War with France looms and Edward’s only chance at peace rests with his queen, Isabella—a woman who has every reason to seek her own revenge.

Tormented by his past, James returns to a solitary, ruthless life of raiding into the north of England. When a bewitching spy promises him the ultimate victory, James must weigh whether to unveil the truth and risk losing her love—or guard his secrets and forever preserve Robert’s faith in him.

The Isabella Books


A Novel of Queen Isabella
and Sir Roger Mortimer
Book I

The story of Queen Isabella, who sought revenge on her husband Edward II, and her lover Sir Roger Mortimer, who masterminded the invasion that accomplished it.

The marriage of Isabella of France and Edward II of England in 1308 is a union meant to secure lasting peace. For years, Isabella is a loyal wife, who repeatedly salvages her husband’s kingship, even as she endures his neglect. When she finally speaks out against Edward's favorite, Lord Hugh Despenser, her income, lands and children are taken from her. In an age when women are not supposed to openly defy their husbands, Isabella vows to get her children back and have her revenge on Despenser — no matter what the cost.

Imprisoned in the Tower of London for leading a rebellion against King Edward, Mortimer escapes with Isabella’s help and finds refuge in the French court. But when Isabella arrives in Paris to negotiate a peace treaty, it is a temptation the ambitious Mortimer cannot resist.

Ebook_TheKingMustDie_for Kindle.jpg

The King Must Die:
A Novel of King Edward III
Book II

What is done cannot be undone.

England, 1326. Edward II has been dethroned. Queen Isabella and her lover, Sir Roger Mortimer, are at the pinnacle of their power.

Fated to rule, Isabella’s son becomes King Edward III at the callow age of fourteen. Young Edward, however, must bide his time as the loyal son until he can break the shackles of his minority and dissolve the regency council which dictates his every action.

When the former king is found mysteriously dead in his cell, the truth becomes obscured and Isabella can no longer trust her own memory . . . or confide in those closest to her. Meanwhile, she struggles to keep her beloved Mortimer at her side and gain yet another crown—France’s—for the son who no longer trusts her.

Amidst a maelstrom of shifting loyalties, accusations of murder propel England to the brink of civil war.

In the sequel to Isabeau, secrecy and treason, conspiracy and revenge once again overtake England. The future rests in the hands of a mother and son whose bonds have reached a breaking point.


Uneasy Lies the Crown, A Novel of Owain Glyndwr - N. Gemini Sasson.jpg

Uneasy Lies the Crown:
A Novel of Owain Glyndwr

The story of Owain Glyndwr, the last Welsh Prince of Wales.

In the year 1399, Welsh nobleman Owain Glyndwr is living out a peaceful gentleman’s life in the Dee Valley of Wales with his wife Margaret and their eleven children. But when Henry of Bolingbroke usurps the throne of England from his cousin Richard II, that tranquility is forever shattered. What starts as a feud with a neighboring English lord over a strip of land evolves into something greater—a fight for the very independence of Wales.

After a harrowing encounter on the misty slopes of Cadair Idris, the English knight Harry Hotspur offers Owain a pact he cannot resist.

Peace, however, comes with a price. As tragedies mount, Owain questions whether he can find the strength within himself not only to challenge the most powerful monarch of his time, but to fulfill the prophecies and lead his people to freedom without destroying those around him.

For centuries, the bards have sung of King Arthur’s return, but is this reluctant warrior prince the answer to those prophecies?

In The Time of Kings_LS_LR_Front.jpg

In the Time of Kings

What if you could remember another life?
What if you could re-live it and find love again?

Professor Ross Sinclair has everything he could ever want. Reunited with childhood sweetheart Claire Forbes, Ross can finally begin to heal the pain of his childhood and live in the present. A honeymoon in Scotland is the perfect beginning.

But when tragedy threatens Claire’s life, Ross’s dreams come to a crashing halt. He must now face the possibility of a future without her. Then, in one unfortunate moment, he’s hurled back to another time and confronted with even bigger problems.

Suddenly, it isn’t 2013 anymore. It’s 1333. The English have laid siege to Berwick, Ross has a wife he barely knows, more enemies than friends, and a past that brands him as a heretic.

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