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Gratitude for my readers

This right here. These are snippets of e-mails and messages sent to me from readers since I started self-publishing nine years ago. This is what keeps me dreaming up stories and laboring over which words to use and cobbling scenes together and rearranging and pruning...

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Audio Deals and Giveaways

The Faderville Novels have been brought into the world of audiobooks by Tantor Media! For the remainder of June, they are running a deal on all audiobooks and you can download direct from them for just $6.99 per book. Click HERE to download Say No More from Tantor...

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authorpicfooterABOUT GEMINI SASSON

If you ask me to describe myself in three words, they would be: runner, writer, dog-lover, in no particular order. I started running seriously in 9th grade because the Phys Ed teacher badgered me to join the track team (thank you, Mr. Williams). Over thirty years later, in my second marathon, I qualified for the 2017 Boston Marathon. Cross that off the bucket list.

Growing up, I was the kid in the neighborhood who coaxed the strays to take bits of bologna from my fingers and, to my parents’ dismay, brought them home. My childhood was filled with mutts, but shortly before getting married, my husband and I got our first Australian Shepherd. Our kennel, Imagineer, is an Australian Shepherd Club of America Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel.

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