The Sam and Bump Misadventures

Threats and Threads (Coming out Summer 2019)

There’s a serial killer in the neighborhood and Sam is being stalked. When she turns to her former boyfriend, Clint Chastain, an innocent encounter turns into a case of extortion, putting everything on the line—her career, her love-life, and her own survival.

Three months ago, sweet little Miley Harper was found suffocated by her own pillow. When reclusive neighbor Grace Hazelton turns up dead from carbon monoxide poisoning, Sam McNamee suspects a serial killer is at large in her neighborhood.

Then Sam starts getting fan mail from a reader that quickly turns threatening. Someone has figured out her secret identity. The only way to find out who is to infiltrate the ranks of the local book club.

Meanwhile, Sam is feeling increasingly abandoned. Her dad, Walt, and his next-door neighbor-turned-girlfriend, Ida, are off on a cruise. Her new boyfriend, Archer, is called away on a speaking circuit for a charity he founded. And her BFF, Selma, has ditched her old flame for a secret paramour.

When Sam gets the chance of a lifetime and needs a dogsitter for Bump, her former fling Clint Chastain volunteers. If things with Clint were complicated before they broke up, they’re doubly so now; his ex-wife has baby plans and he’s the most likely baby-daddy.

Then Bump disappears. And Sam is apparently next on the killer’s list.

Coming out Sumer 2019!



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