The Faderville Novels

A second chance at life--and love.

Say When

A second chance at life—and love.

Sooner isn’t the perfect dog, but she’s finally found the perfect home with owner Brandy Anders—until one tragic day when life goes from hopeful to hopeless.

Grayson Darling has never believed in fate; he’s just down on his luck for now. Recently divorced, downsized, and soon to be without a home, his move to Faderville is supposed to be temporary. All he has to do is sell his uncle’s farm, then he can return to success and civilization in New York City.

The farm he inherited, however, comes with unforeseen responsibilities. When his ex announces her engagement and the job he’d hoped for falls through, Grayson figures his luck has completely run out. He can’t deal with life anymore.

Then, fate intervenes in the form of a dog. Sooner only needs a foster home while her owner recovers, so it’s not a long-term commitment anyway. But the dog turns out to be more of a challenge than Grayson bargained for




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