Isn’t this pretty? I could stare at it for hours. How Dane at Ebook Launch manages to capture the tone and substance of a story based on a few paragraphs and a sample of suggested photos, I will never know. But he has once again outdone himself.


Say Something, the third Faderville novel, has been sent off to my wonderful editor Lorelei Logsdon.Squeee!!! It will be available soon — I’ll let you know the publication date when everything is final.

As I said on my Facebook page, this book is like a long overdue birth. A lot of anticipation and angst, but so worth the wait. There were times I didn’t know quite where it was going or how to fill in the holes, but in the end all that wandering about and stop-go-stop-go apparently had a purpose. The story came to me in its own good time like one of those giant jigsaw puzzles that looks impossible to complete when you first open the box and a thousand pieces fall out onto the floor. First, you’re lost and confused, then overwhelmed, but you start with the easy bits — the edges — and through persistence it begins to take shape, one itty-bitty piece at a time.

I couldn’t be more proud of this story. Say Something will reach deep into your core and leave you profoundly moved. If you want to be among the first to know of its release, sign up for my mailing list on my home page.

Meanwhile, here’s the book description:

“A runaway teen. A homeless drifter. A stolen dog.

Not yet sixteen, Bellamy Larson — or Beam, as she’d rather be called — remembers everything. She has a condition called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory. Truthfully, there’s a lot she’d just rather forget. Beam never knew her father and doesn’t ever want to. Her little brother died while saving her. And her mother self-medicates, leaving Beam to fend for herself.

Desperate for a normal life, Beam carjacks a rusty pickup and drives south to live with her grandparents in Faderville, Kentucky. Unfortunately, as Beam soon figures out, ‘normal’ doesn’t exist. She could use a friend, but friends are hard to come by when you’re an outsider.

Buzz Donovan knows what it’s like to live on the outside. Lucky for him, he has a friend — a dog named Hush. It’s because of Hush, though, that Buzz is homeless. But that’s his choice, because if it weren’t for Hush, he’d be dead.

When Beam runs into Buzz, her world is about to get turned upside down. She doesn’t trust dogs, and for good reason — she’s been mauled by one.

Say Something is a story of renewal, forgiveness, and the true meaning of family.”

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